About Bethel

Here at Bethel we are seeking to become a vibrant fellowship, visibly working and witnessing in the village, our places of work and the surrounding area, united in Christ by a personal faith. We believe that every member has a ministry and we aim to serve God wherever we are.

Our leadership team was headed until recently by the Rev. Keith Jones and the Rev. Ann Thelwell. At present we are in an interegnum and are looking for part time ministry in the near future.

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Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

On Sundays the whole church gathers together at 10.30am for a service which contains worship through music and prayer, as well as time devoted to hearing God through the teaching of the Bible. We have some 'All Age' services but usually the children and young people go to their own 'Junior Church' mid-way through the service and rejoin us for refreshments afterwards. Communion take place on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Everyone is welcome to join with us, however young or old. 

Bethel Youth

A small youth group meets in the main hall alternate Sunday evenings. Activities vary but usually there are games and a topical discussion. If you are secondary school age why not come and join in? 

Bible Study & Discussion

Thursdays at 2pm

This is a chance to really spend time thinking how God's word is relevant to us today and getting to know each other better. An afternoon of laughter, learning and fellowship, is always followed by a cuppa and a cake.


Tuesday Evenings

Once a month a group are meeting in someones home  using NOOMA series of short films (approx 10mins long) that explore our world through the teachings of Jesus. Come and Join the discussions.......search, question and engage with what matters most.

!st Sunday Ethics

We meet at 7pm on the first Sunday of each month to discuss ethical issues from a biblical perspective. A great place to explore how to appy your Christian faith in our constantly changing society. 

Tuesday Club

The Tuesday club meet at 2pm

We have enjoyed going on trips, having meals out, listening to music and watching films. We have had some good speakers and tried various crafts and quizzes. With good conversation and plenty of laughter we all go home feeling better and more uplifted for the afternoon spent at Bethel.


Network games

  The Network Games group has been meeting for nearly 9 years. This is an activity set up to encourage men from Sandy Lane village to get together. There are 6 people currently involved playing games on the computer network at church organised by Joe


Coffee Mornings

  Almost every Saturday from 10am until noon.

 If you find the occasional Saturday "long and lonely" as some folk do, this is a chance to drop in for a drink, a chat .....and lovely scones!

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