Sandy Lane Baptist Church has welcomed worshippers since 1824

The church today

The second church

The first church 1824

There has been a Baptist Church at the crossroads of Sandy Lane (formerly the hamlet of Sandy Loin Bottom) since the foundation stone of the first chapel was laid in 1824. Since then there have been three different chapels with numerous alterations and extensions, the most recent being finished in 1998. Throughout that time the constant theme has been to share the love of Jesus with those around the church and that is no different today. As the sign on the church says, we are unified by love and hope, hope that is in Jesus, and just as Jesus welcomes all, so do we. Please come and join with us, let's worship Him here together.

If you would like to know more of the church's history, there are two booklets available to download.

The Centenary souvenir which was produced in 1924 and reproduced in 2008.

Download Centenary souvenir

There is also a booklet of the more recent history of the church produced in 2008 as we celebrated God's goodness and faithfulness in the days since the most recent rebuilding and extension project.

Download Booklet

Over the years we have had several requests from people looking into family histories in the area, if you would like to visit or even have history you could share with us, we would love to hear from you

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